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“Sophy Chen World Poetry Museum” Online Established and The Donate Certificate Awarded to [Philippines] Edwin Cordevilla. ISSN:2616-2660

No more than one week after books calling of exhibition of chinese and foreign poets books/poetry collections, Pentasi B 2019 China World Poetry Festival and Sophy Chen World Poetry Award, we has received some books donated by poets from the world. Now I will show them and their donated certificate, poet’s image and bio to you.

Translation Of The Modern Poetry Collection, I Find Your Beauty In The Taste Of Your Eyes by Eyes’ Taste Was Launched. ISSN:2616-2660

Poetry collections of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual) jointly editted and published by Sophy International Translation Publishing House, Sophy International Publishing Media and Sophy Poetry & Translation (C-E) Magazine, the huge project was launched. At the beginning of the New Year 2019, the first C-E poetry collection was welcomed.

Notice to Contributors of Poetry Collection Series of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual), Poets’ works from all over the world are welcome! ISSN:2616-2660

Sophy Chen has decided to jointly edit and publish a set of poetry collections of Sophy Chen World Poetry Translation Library (Bilingual). It has planned to edit and publish the various countries’ important poets’ poetry collections, 500-1000 books within 30 years (2018-2048).